Parents and Carers

Blended learning options to foster restorative and relational practice.
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Parents and Carers

Would you like to understand how to better respond to challenging behaviour?

Do you wish to know more about your child/ren’s development and their needs?

Could you benefit from learning more about communicating and staying calm?

We have two courses for parents and carers that are delivered at selected Children’s Centres, Schools, Youth Offending Services, Prisons and Probation Services.  These short courses introduce restorative and relational principles and skills to better equip parents and carers with useful tools to help our child/ren thrive. 

We also have a freely available short course for parents and carers (see below).  This course focuses on positive relationships.  Let us know what you think!

Freely available parent/carer e-Learning course

There may be times when we feel worried and stressed and this can lead to family tension, arguments and conflict.  When children see parents/carers communicating well and staying calm, it can help them cope with their own big emotions.  These four short learning sequences are an introduction to restorative and relational thinking – a few techniques that can help us to better manage emotions and stay calm, and to keep communicating with each other in positive ways. These lessons will support you to:

  • Reconsider positive relationship
  • Think about all behaviour as ‘communication’
  • Start to use a line of questioning that will help you (and others) through problems and will help to maintain positive mental health
  • Deal better with stress


Easy to understand, easy to implement.”

Developed with our partners the Anti-Bullying Alliance, this short e-Learning course if freely available to access via this link.

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Our team is currently considering how we can better share our insights to restorative and relational practice with parents and carers.  Please get in touch with us to share your suggestions.

Recent Evaluation


Recent evaluation has shown that, after attending our classes, 90% of parents feel they understand their child’s development and 91% feel they understand their child’s needs.  The Brathay Trust conducted an external evaluation of the programme, April 2015 – 17:

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restorative thinking


         Key findings of The Brathay Trust evaluation

  • Feedback from Children’s Services and Focus Families indicate good outcomes for clients on the Restorative Thinking Limited programmes. (p.11)


  • 88% of those surveyed who attended Restorative Thinking Limited’s Relationships without Conflict and/or Parenting without Conflict course reported changed behaviour. (p.13)


  • 78% of those who attended Restorative Thinking Limited’s Relationships without Conflict &/or Parenting without Conflict programme reported improved life chances. (p.14)


  • Emergent findings indicate that n=2 children whose parents attended Restorative Thinking Limited’s RWC & PWC programmes are able to express their feelings within the home environment. Parents attribute this to improved empathic course facilitators who delivered material which supported them to develop better communication and parenting skills. (p.15)

Restorative Thinking

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