What we do

Blended learning options to foster restorative and relational practice.

restorative thinking


restorative thinking

Parents and Carers

Local Authorities, Health and Social Care

restorative thinking

Criminal Justice Settings

Collaboration with Schools

Restorative and relational practice enable schools to bring different and sustainable solutions to long-standing pinch points, including behaviour, attendance, attainment, exclusions, bullying.

We help to introduce and embed restorative and relational practice, focusing on existing strengths and needs alongside intended outcomes. 

We offer blended learning options, including new e-Learning CPD courses for primary, secondary and special schools. Please get in touch to register your school.

Current and recent projects with Schools:

  • 2022 (ongoing): Approved provider for DfE Senior Mental Health Lead training, fully funded. Gives schools access to our e-CPD and targeted support.


  • 2020-21:  Developing and producing a suite of e-Learning CPD with Liverpool Schools.


  • 2020-21:   Trauma Informed Strategic Support for Merseyside Schools (Merseyside VRP).


  • 2018 – 21:  Working with the Families Team at Liverpool City Council and primary and secondary schools in Liverpool to implement whole school restorative and relational practice.
  • 2015 – 17:   Pilot to develop whole school restorative practice with Liverpool Schools.  This project has been awarded the i-Network innovation award for ‘Transforming and Innovating Public Services’ (November 2018).


  • 2012 – ongoing:  Restorative Thinking curriculum programmes and training with schools in England, Wales and Scotland.  Our primary curriculum programme has been awarded a Teach Primary Resource Award in the PSHE/Citizenship category (October 2018).

Collaboration with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Health and Social Care Settings

We generate psychological safety within and between teams to improve  job satisfaction and productivity, allowing individuals and teams to thrive.

We train and coach colleagues to help make difficult conversations easier.  We enable teams to find alternative ways to solve problems collectively.

restorative thinking

Current and recent projects with Local Authorities, Health and Social Care settings include:

  • 2022 (ongoing): A pathfinder with the NHS to improve relationships and communications within and between teams.


  • 2020-21:  Developing and producing  e-Learning CPD for workforce teams:  ‘Restorative Thinking at Work‘.


  • 2019 – 21:  Workforce development with Liverpool City Council, including a Train the Trainer model.


  • 2019 – 21:  Restorative Practice partner with Wakefield Council, to implement a restorative model of practice to support the development of the Children & Young People’s Service.
  • 2017 – 19:   Implementing restorative practice across Children’s and Adult Services with North Lincolnshire Council.


  • 2015 – 17:  Training provider with Leeds City Council towards Leeds becoming a Restorative City.

Collaboration with Criminal Justice Settings

We place the focus on relationships, to produce a happier, healthier, more connected and productive  workforce.

Colleagues learn different strategies to connect with young and adult offenders and those at risk of offending, and to communicate key life skills in restorative and relational practice via day to day interactions and by delivering our restorative intervention programmes.

Proven outcomes include a reduction in offending and re-offending rates, behaviour change, better relationships with children and family members and improved life chances.

restorative thinking

Current and recent projects with Criminal Justice Settings include:

  • 2022 (ongoing):  Whole service implementation of restorative practice with Birmingham Youth Offending Service.


  • 2020-21:  Delivering restorative practice training in HMP setting, with a focus on drawing on restorative practice to support day-to-day relationships and routines; training staff in effective delivery of our ‘Restorative Life Skills’ intervention programme.


  • 2019-20:  Training Approved Premises staff to draw on restorative practice to strengthen relationships, prevent and manage conflict.  Training in effective delivery of our ‘Restorative Life Skills’ programme.


  • 2017 – 18:  Working with the Families Team at HMP Risley, delivering ‘Parenting without Conflict’ with individuals and groups of offenders.  ‘Parenting without Conflict’ is an evidence-based restorative parenting programme, awarded the Department of Health’s CANparent Quality Mark.  Details of programme content, structure and outcomes can be found here.  The evaluation of this project is available here.
  • 2015 – 17:  Intervention programme delivery throughout Cumbria to support the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s domestic abuse strategy.  Restorative Thinking programmes prevented an escalation of domestic abuse and/or mutual partner violence.   The external evaluation report for this project can be downloaded here.


  • 2015 – 16:  HMPPS funded programme to rigorously test restorative practice as a means of fostering inclusive residential environments in Approved Premises, a pilot in the Midlands and North East Divisions, including 16 Approved Premises.  The external evaluation report is available here.


  • 2015:  HMP Forest Bank: Restorative practice was successfully written into the adjudication process and became part of the prison culture, ‘the way we do things around here’.  This, alongside delivery of our restorative intervention programme, generated evidence of a reduction in re-offending post release.

Collaboration with Parents and Carers

We introduce restorative and relational principles and skills to better equip parents and carers with useful tools to help our child/ren thrive.  Parents and carars learn about their child’s developing brain and behaviour, with alternative ways to respond to challenging behaviour.  Parents and carers learn to teach their child/ren key relationship skills for life.

restorative thinking

Current and recent projects with Parents and Carers include:

  • We are currently planning to make available resources for parents via this website.  Watch this space.


  • 2020-21:  With our partners the Anti-Bullying Alliance, we wrote and produced a short e-Learning course to support all families  through the pandemic.  This course is freely available via this link.
  • Some Local Authorities, Prisons and Probation Services deliver our restorative parenting programme.
restorative thinking

Experienced Team

Restorative Thinking’s small, experienced team of restorative trainers/practitioners/coaches/facilitators are keen to consolidate learning from existing projects and to continue to pioneer within the field of restorative and relational practice.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact us for further information.


Access our e-Learning CPD courses via this link.