NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Health and Social Care

Drawing on restorative and relational practice to co-create solutions with all stakeholders.
restorative thinking

Solution-focused Collaboration

Our work with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Health and Social Care settings starts with a conversation about existing strengths and needs, along with intended outcomes.  Some of the common themes we are asked to address:

  • Workforce training and coaching to foster better relationships and communications
  • Drawing on restorative practice to enable psychological safety
  • Making it easier to have difficult conversations
  • Helping teams to better collaborate and problem-solve together 
  • Threading restorative practice into Complaints and Grievance Procedures
  • Lowering staff absence and improving staff retention
  • Shared responsibility-taking and accountability
  • Learning the practicalities of working ‘with’
  • Positive mental health and wellbeing

How we engage

We provide engagement options to suit your timetable and budget.

We promote blended learning to meet specific needs, a combination of :

  • Consultation
  • e-Learning CPD
  • Face to face training/coaching
  • Zoom/Teams training/coaching
  • Action Learning Sets
  • Supervisions
  • Guided self-study
restorative thinking

Outcomes with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Health and Social Care Settings

Over the past ten years, we’ve achieved some notable outcomes, including:

  • Introducing and implementing restorative practice as the Practice Model
  • Teams reporting better working relationships
  • Successfully bringing restorative practice into HR Policies and Procedures
  • Individuals feeling happier at work
  • Better outcomes with patients, young people, adults and families 
  • Shared responsibility-taking and accountability 
  • Making it easier to have difficult conversations
  • Finding alternative ways to solve problems collectively

Current and recent projects

  • 2022 (ongoing): A pathfinder with the NHS to improve relationships and communications within and between teams.


  • 2022 (ongoing):  Whole service implementation of restorative practice with Birmingham Youth Offending Service.


  • 2020-21:  Developing and producing  e-Learning CPD for workforce teams:  ‘Restorative Thinking at Work‘.


  • 2019 – 21:  Workforce development with Liverpool City Council, including a Train the Trainer model.


  • 2019 – 21:  Restorative Practice partner with Wakefield Council, to implement a restorative model of practice to support the development of the Children & Young People’s Service.


  • 2017 – 19:   Implementing restorative practice across Children’s and Adult Services with North Lincolnshire Council.


  • 2015 – 17:  Training provider with Leeds City Council towards Leeds becoming a Restorative City.


Restorative Thinking

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