“Relationships built through restorative practice are the oxygen people and communities need to survive and thrive…” (Dr Jim Longo, Washington and Jefferson College)

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Restorative and relational practice enable schools to bring different and sustainable solutions to long-standing pinch points, including attendance, attainment, exclusions, bullying.

restorative thinking

Parents and Carers

Learn about your child’s developing brain and behaviour, alongside alternative ways to respond to challenging behaviour.  Teach your child/ren key relationship skills for life.

NHS Trusts, Local Authorities,
Health and Social Care

Generate psychological safety within and between teams to improve  job satisfaction and productivity. Help make difficult conversations easier.  Enable teams to find alternative ways to solve problems collectively.

restorative thinking

Criminal Justice Settings

Reduce offending and re-offending rates and foster behaviour change by growing inclusive residential environments and relationship skills.

restorative thinking

Social Enterprise

Restorative Thinking is a Social Enterprise.  We work with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Health and Social Care settings, Multi-Agency Teams, Schools, Youth Offending Services, Prisons and Probation Services and Police and Crime Commissioners to develop restorative and relational practice.  

We collaborate with you to identify existing strengths and needs, to devise and deliver a plan to help achieve your intended outcomes.  Our team provides blended learning opportunities to meet all time scales and budgets: consultancy; e-Learning CPD; training; coaching; action learning sets; programmes; supervision/s, towards introducing, consolidating and embedding restorative and relational practice. 

Our (award winning) restorative practice programmes empower adults and children with a restorative education, delivering sustainable, key life skills.

We work in partnership with the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

In 2018 we won the i-Network Innovation Award for ‘Innovating and Transforming Public Services‘.

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restorative thinking


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