E-Learning CPD for the Workplace

This CPD course is an introduction to restorative practice, with a focus on:

  • Introducing restorative practice principles and skills;
  • Exploring how to draw on restorative practice at work;
  • Improving relationships and communication to support a better way of working within and between teams;
  • Strategies for positive mental health and well-being; taking care of ourselves and others.


Take a look at our flyer with details of the course:  Restorative Thinking at Work

This course is accompanied by live video coaching sessions and/or face to face training, where we apply the CPD content to current situations you face at work, looking both inwardly (how teams work together) and outwardly (how we engage with partners/customers/families/young people).  Please contact us to find out when these sessions are running and how to join:  lesley@restorativethinking.co.uk

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