‘Restorative Life Skills’ programme at HMP Humber

HMP Humber contacted us in January 2020 with an interest in restorative practice training and in-house delivery of our ‘Restorative Life Skills’ programme.

We delivered staff training in Spring 2020 and also trained experienced group programme facilitators to deliver our ‘Restorative Life Skills’ programme.  The programme is being delivered on a 1:1 basis during physical distancing restrictions.

Feedback from programme participants:

“I would like to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to take part.  It was excellent and what I needed to keep motivated.”

“Got a lot our of the session.  Was allowed to express self and let off steam then move on.”

“I felt I have opened up a lot more within these sessions than I ever have done before.”

“My facilitator explained things very well so I understood.”

“It was good.  The communication was good as I’ve been in my cell a lot.”

“Felt I put over some of my fears today.”

“The programme was really good and got me thinking about myself, the way I feel, think and the way I behave based on how I am feeling.”

“I really enjoyed being on the programme, having good chats about my family, the way my thinking used to be in the past and what I’ve learnt I will put into practice in my everyday life.”