Elizabeth Fry Approved Premises deliver ‘Restorative Life Skills’ intervention programme

Six programme facilitators at Elizabeth Fry Approved Premises have been trained to deliver our ‘Restorative Life Skills’ programme.  The programme is currently delivered with all residents.

Comments from facilitators:

“It is really good to see how all the material covered in each session is coming together nicely- especially during this session when focusing on restorative way to manage emotions.”

“Some really healthy reflections: one person reflected on her own tendency to always give advice and she thought that this was being supportive.  She now realises that this often was TO behaviour as the advice was not what the person needed but just someone who would listen to them . I thought this was great link between sessions 1 and 2.”

“Many residents commented on how they have learnt more about each other and how they feel that they can better relate to one another. There was a lot of kindness and we have received a lovely comment that the session was delivered really well, which is always notice to hear.”

Residents tell us:

“I have enjoyed, learnt and will be able to use what I have experienced in the sessions.”

A resident commented that she had used the restorative questions with success during an appointment with her bank.

Elizabeth Fry AP have renewed their Licensing Agreement to deliver the programme into 2022.